Lauri Adams

Lauri Adams is a Paediatric Occupational Therapist (OT) who qualified from the University of Cape Town in 2012. Having completed training in Sensory Integration Therapy (SI), her interests lie with children aged 3 to 12. This underpins the emphasis that she places in early intervention.

Since graduating, Lauri has gained diverse experience through positions held both locally and abroad. Having worked in the public and private sectors, Lauri has been able to learn a range of clinical skills. She gains fulfilment from adapting interventions to meet the needs of the child, as well as to support their families, teachers and/or key members, so that continuous input can be carried over to all spheres of the child’s life, and their immediate environments.

Lauri’s hobbies include running, aerobic classes and yoga, supporting her enthusiasm for leading an active and healthy lifestyle. She enjoys outdoor activities, spending time with family and friends, and experiencing new adventures.


Career in brief:

  • Jan 2019current: Owner of OT for Kids (Durban, KZN), Paediatric Occupational Therapist and Holistic Sleep Coach.
  • Jan 2016 – Dec 2018: Talk Sense (Bryanston, JHB), Paediatric Occupational Therapist.
  • May – Oct 2015: Whittington Health, St Ann’s Hospital (London), Band 6 Paediatric Occupational Therapist.
  • Dec 2014 – Mar 2015: Oxleas NHS Foundation Trust (London), Band 6 Paediatric Occupational Therapist.
  • Oct – Nov 2014: Ealing Service for Children with Additional Needs (London),  Band 6 Paediatric Occupational Therapist.
  • Feb – Sep 2014: Grantleigh School (KZN), Paediatric Occupational Therapist.
  • Jan – Dec 2013: Manguzi Hospital (KZN), Community Service Occupational Therapist.

Professional Development:


  • Training various OTs, teachers and parents about sensory integration (SI) therapy, feeding difficulties and sleep problems, attained from my expertise in SI, SOS treatment methods and sleep training.


  • Holistic Sleep Coaching Program, accredited at Level 6 through Open College Network – largest vocational awarding body in the UK, led by Holistic Sleep Coach & International Board Certified Lactation Consultant- Lyndsey Hookway.


  • Online course on Understanding Sensory Processing, by Joure Rustemeyer, an internationally accredited online training provider of ‘Help my child’.
  • Online content and questionnaire on a perspective on ADHD, by Impact Learning.
  • Online content and questionnaire on Visual Perception, by Impact Learning.
  • Ethics presentation: COVID-19 – increased risk for healthcare burnout, by Faculty of Health Sciences, University of Pretoria.
  • Journal articles: ADHD, Sleep and Ethics, by the Medical Practice Consulting.


  • A course on understanding emotional processing in children, presented by Maude Le Roux, an Occupational Therapist certified in multiple different techniques.
  • Praxis and Dyspraxia workshop, presented by international trainer Maude Le Roux
  • Putting the ‘I’ back into intervention, run by the South African Institute for Sensory Integration
  • Presented various teacher and parent training workshops regarding sensory processing skills, developmental delays, gross and fine motor skills, visual perceptual and executive functioning strategies.


  • Ethics for All, one day workshop presented by Medical Protection Society.
  • Picky Eaters versus Problem Feeders: Assessment & Treatment using the Sequential Oral Sensory (SOS) Approach to Feeding, 4 day workshop presented by International Founders- Dr. Kay Toomey and Dr. Erin Ross.
  • International Sensory Integration Conference, presented by international and local SI speakers
  • Praxis Made Perfect, 2 day conference by international trainer, Maude Le Roux.


  • The South African Institute for Sensory Integration, C4, Intervention (Treatment Course).


  • The South African Institute for Sensory Integration, C3, Interpretation Course.
  • The South African Institute for Sensory Integration, C2, Administration Course.
  • The South African Institute for Sensory Integration, C1, Theory Course.


  • 3 week training which consisted of clinical observations, shadowing and hands on treatment experience at a private practice called Maximum Potential- Specialising in Sensory Integration and Neurodevelopmental therapy, London United Kingdom.


  • Integrated Learning Theory, Introduction to an eco-systematic, neurodevelopmental approach for recognising and supporting learners with learning and behavioral difficulties.
  • Dysgraphia and Handwriting Dysfunction.


  • Assessment & Treatment of Children with Cerebral Palsy, South African Neurodevelopmental Therapy Association.
  • Wheelchair Seating Course.
  • Basic Splinting Workshop.

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